Strata Law

Strata law relates to the creation, management and administration of strata schemes. Our expertise and knowledge as to concepts including; advice and amendments to by-laws, advice of strata management, strata & company title conveyancing and advice & representation in strata disputes.

Strata disputes

Our team can provide you advice and representation in all types of strata disputes in the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal and NSW Courts.

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By-law advice, amendment and consolidation

By-laws perform an important function in the management and administration of a strata title building. Our team can provide advice to Owner’s Corporations, lot owners and strata managers on the interpretation, amendment and enforcement of by-laws.

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Owner’s Corporation advice

The law creates several duties and obligations on the Owner’s Corporation of a strata, including maintaining the common property. Our team can provide advice on the duties of the Owner’s Corporation and on enforcing by-laws.

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Strata & company title conveyancing

Our team have experience in strata conveyancing & company title conveyancing. We can ensure that your purchase or sale process is smooth, notwithstanding the additional complications that strata & company title can create.

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