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There are a number of legal implications and steps that tenants and landlords must consider when signing a lease. At Stephen Wawn, our commercial lawyers offer lease advice, and examine leases from retail and commercial viewpoints. In helping you with this process, we can ensure that every detail and any prospective long-term problems are dealt with before any legally binding contracts are signed.

Tenants and landlords often overlook potential long-term issues, with their focus usually directed towards the more obvious and timely question of rent and rent reviews. We can also offer help in negotiating terms – often tenants aren’t aware that some terms are negotiable – and by using our team of experts, we can ensure any terms that are agreed to appear in the lease.

When acting and negotiating on behalf of our clients, Stephen Wawn lawyers are tenacious and professional. Based on our experience, we are aware of what amendments should be pursued and how far we can push from a negotiation perspective. We educate our clients to give them the knowledge to deal with future matters themselves where appropriate.

Commercial Lease Advice Solicitors Sydney

Stephen Wawn’s commercial lawyers Sydney pride themselves on offering reliable and professional lease advice for every party involved in the leasing process. We will ensure that our service is of the highest standard. We are always drawing upon our expertise and knowledge to identify any potential issues and to better the value of your lease. Contact us about lease advice. You can call us on (02) 9328 1000 to organise a consultation today.

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