Employment Law

Stephen Wawn & Associate’s employment lawyers can assist employers, employees and contractors in all aspects of employment and industrial relations. The team can provide advice on a wider range of legal issues and can assist you with matters including negotiating employment contracts, advising on workplace rights and redundancy entitlements.

Employment contracts

Our team can assist you in the negotiation of your employment contract or provide advice on your rights under the contract including potential breaches of contract and restraints of trade.

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Redundancy entitlement advice

Redundancy can leave an employee uncertain about the future. Our employment lawyers can advise you on whether the redundancy is legal and ensure that you get all of your redundancy entitlements and pay.

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Workplace Disputes

Unfortunately, sometimes you may find yourself in a dispute in your workplace. Workplace disputes may involve bullying, harrasement or a formal investigation. Our team can advise and guide you through the process in what is often a troubling time.

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Workplace Advisory

Our team can provide employers and employees with advice in respect of diverse and complex workplace legal issues including Award rights & entitlements, employee/contractor relationships, redundancy & restructuring and workplace investigations. If you have any workplace issues, contact our team now to get the advice needed.

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